TerraSol – Diffuse glass for greenhouses

Marvol TerraSol is a high-qualitative diffuse glass produces three types of diffuse glass with different haze factors, namely low, medium and high haze, which can be tempered and improved with anti-reflective coating at the factory.

Light is not evenly distributed in greenhouses, however this can be improved with diffused light. Modern greenhouse covers are able to convert the bulk of the light entrant in the greenhouse in diffuse light.

Diffusion is usually a loss of light transmission, but this disadvantage can be mitigated through anti-reflective coatings, so that diffuse glass covers have the same transmission as standard float glass. The diffuse anti reflective coating of the greenhouse glass cover reduces the fluctuation of the light in the greenhouse and effects of extremely high or extremely low temperatures.

The diffuse glass greenhouse cover with anti-reflective coating on both sides of the glass has a positive influence on the production. The comparison of clear glass greenhouses with diffuse glass, one can expect a production increase of between five and ten percent through the utilization of diffuse glass.

We work with the well-established and renown company Van Looveren NV, in order to provide the best possible service for clients in the greenhouse industry.


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