Low Iron Glass

Diffuse glass for greenhouses

Light is not evenly distributed in glass greenhouses, but this can be improved with diffuse light. Modern greenhouse coverings are able to transform most of the light entering the greenhouse into diffuse light.

Diffusion usually implies a loss of overall transmission but this drawback can be avoided by antireflection coatings so that diffusive glass covers have the same transmission as standard glass. The diffuse anti reflection coated greenhouse glass cover makes the light incidence inside the greenhouse less erratic with less moments of extreme high and extreme low values.

The diffuse glass greenhouse cover with Anti Reflection coating on both sides of the glass has a positive influence on production. When comparing clear glass greenhouses with diffuse glass, it shows an increase in production of approximately 6%.

Glasscommerce manufactures three types of diffuse glass, namely low, medium and high haze, all of which can be tempered and treated with antireflective coating at the factory.